Stay Inside and Read – 7


I’m super excited about this week’s Stay Inside and Read because so many great friends have releases!!!

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First Up – Gena Showalter with her novella – Kat In Zombieland.  So I was dared to post an embarrassing picture of Gena instead of her book cover, but I’d never do that to my bestie (just between us – scroll down to the bottom of this post).  Here’s your blurb:

Kat Parker is dead. And awesome. But mostly dead. She’s become a Witness, a spirit with a single goal: save her ex-boyfriend Frosty and win the war against zombies. Okay, she has two goals.

Devastated by the loss of Kat, Frosty the zombie slayer chases one dangerous situation after another. He is locked in a fierce battle of good against evil, light against dark, and his recklessness has put him on a collision course with destruction. Not even his fellow slayers can help him. But Kat is determined, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Even putting Frosty in the path of a new love…

You can snatch up Kat in Zombieland here.



I had a lot of friends who encouraged me to take the leap into self-publishing, but it was Roxanne who helped me step off the cliff!  I adore her and her books, and I’m so excited for her latest in the Barefoot Bay Undercover series – Barefoot Dreams!  Here’s the scoop:

A wedding day in Barefoot Bay is always joyous and exciting, but when the groom is none other than superspy bad boy Gabriel Rossi, the frenzy factor is high. Maybe that is the reason his beloved bride-to-be, Lila Wickham, wakes on her wedding day in a cold sweat from a bad, bloody dream.

As much as she wants to wipe away the memory and focus on the happiest day of her life, it soon becomes apparent that the dream heralds unhappiness…and tragedy. Terrified but determined, Lila knows she has only hours to take action against the daunting odds facing her son. But she’s not alone anymore–she has Gabe at her back. And when it comes to defending the people he loves, there’s no one fiercer than Gabe Rossi.

One single day, one embattled couple…one last shadow to dispel before they become the family they were always meant to be.

Bonus: Barefoot Bay short story “Whirlwind” included for free!

You can one-click here.

Another amazing writer who is also a wonderful friend is Lily Everett!  I’m so excited for her book – Close to Home.  This is part of her Sanctuary Island series.  Check it out:

The best journeys take us home….

When Tessa Alexander came to Sanctuary Island, she left behind a marriage to a man who didn’t love her the way she loved him. When she finally found the strength to set them both free, she discovered friendship and self-acceptance in her adopted hometown. Now she’s settled into a quiet life on her own—never expecting to see her husband again.

Johnny spent almost two years deep undercover, unable to let his wife into his cold, dangerous world. He’s shaken to the core when he comes home to find her gone. It’s painfully clear that Tessa is no longer the timid young woman he married—she’s become a force of nature, a brave and determined beauty. Johnny can’t let her go without a fight so he sets out to seduce his own wife. But will passion alone be enough to convince Tessa that her new life should include a second chance at happiness with a man who must learn to believe in love?

You can add Close to Home to the top of your reading list by clicking here.


Happy Book Birthday Gena! 


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