All New Barefoot Bay Novellas Hit Today!


It was in December of 2015 when the wonderful Roxanne St. Claire invited me to dip my toes into the water of self-publishing and write a novella in her Barefoot Bay Kindle World.  That invite eventually became Treasure In The Sand (you can read about it here).

I had such a blast writing Treasure In The Sand I decided to go ahead and jump into the self-publishing pool fully with T&A: Revelations Of A Romance Novel Heroine (you can read about that here).

The great thing about Barefoot Bay Kindle Worlds is that every few months or so, new authors add their voice, and today marks the release of 6 new novellas!  Check it out:

Giving Chase by JoMarie DeGioia

One heated night under the stars

A reunion that could change everything
Can he give her a reason to trust in forever?
Or is he pushing for too much too fast?

Chase Harris has always longed for family. His mother ran off when he was a kid and his late father was distant at best. He was still stinging from his divorce when he met the woman of his dreams at his cousin Billy’s wedding in Cypress Corners. Their night together in a rustic tent-cabin gave new meaning to the words “great outdoors.” When Billy asks him to go to Barefoot Bay on business six weeks later, he jumps at the chance to reconnect with the girl he just can’t seem to forget.

Carrie Boyles is never impulsive, but Chase was the perfect balm to her bruised heart that magical night under the stars. She’d been cheated on and dumped, and Chase was sweet and the hottest guy she’d ever met. Now that she’s back to work at the Eucalyptus Spa in the Casa Blanca Resort, she realizes that her one fling will have forever consequences.

She can hardly believe it when Chase shows up at the resort on the very day she discovers she’s pregnant. He stirs up all sorts of feelings, tender tempting feelings, but she doesn’t want to be hurt again.

When Chase sees Carrie, it’s like lightning struck twice. He wants to find out what they can be to each other, and her little surprise just might give him what he’s always wanted.

Will Carrie give Chase the chance to make them a family?
Or will she protect her heart and risk losing any chance at happiness?

You can get Giving Chase here.

Love Lost, Love Found by Judy Kentrus

“Love never dies, sometimes it just needs a rest.”

“It can come back complicated and messy, but it’s the lesson one learns and the healing that makes your love stronger. You can’t rely on or change the past, but you’ll regret it if you don’t explore the reason you two were brought back together.”

Nancy Jean Griffin and Sean Patrick Harrigan are reunited in Barefoot Bay. They’re surrounded by paradise, but did the love they felt for each other while they lived together in law school survive after twenty-four years apart?

Nancy dreamed of being a defense attorney in her small hometown, but Sean was seduced by the offer to fast track his career into the corporate world. A successful lawyer and Chairman of the Planning Commission for her town, she found a comfortable love and he gave her a wonderful daughter. A widow for ten years, she suffers the emptiness of the heart. Fate steps in and delivers Sean back into her life, but she has reservations. Did the love she felt for Sean survive, or was she holding onto memories from the past?

Walking away from Nancy was the hardest thing Sean ever had to do. Owner of a prestigious financial investment firm, he’s achieved untold success, but there’s one thing missing to complete his happiness. Make Nancy Jean a permanent part of his life. He prayed with all his heart he could awaken the sleeping love she felt for him because his had never died.

It’s a roller coaster ride for their blossoming love when business obstacles step in to challenge their happily ever after.

You can add Love Lost, Love Found to your TBR list here.

Unconventional Love by Casey Hagen

What she wants . . .
Laura Adams never considered herself brave, especially after the motorcycle death of her husband left her a struggling, grieving, single mother. But two years later, and with a new career, Laura chances a better life for herself and her young son: a life-altering move to Mimosa Key. She hopes for an eventual relationship with a safe and stable man, but the last place she expects to find him is on the barstool next to her after her friend stands her up for their girls’ night out.

What he needs . . .
Jack Stephenson isn’t a man who runs away, but relocating to Mimosa Key to open a second branch of his business is a good reason to escape his haunted past and the three-decades-old mistake that burdens him. Grateful for the change of scenery, he takes a ride on his bike, stopping for a cold beer. He’s surprised by a pretty redhead, twenty years his junior, who catches his interest with the most intriguing line ever.

Taking a chance . . .
Despite their best intentions, and going against conventions, their growing attraction is unstoppable. As Jack’s past revisits him like a sucker punch, Laura fights falling for him, a man whose risk-taking threatens her newly constructed world. Jack realizes that earning forever with Laura means somehow forgiving himself for the past he cannot change and proving to Laura that if she’ll let him, he’ll be the solid rock she dreams of for herself and the boy he’s come to love as his own.

You can one click Unconventional Love here.

Swipe for Mr. Right by Nicole Flockton

Diving into the world of online dating isn’t on the top of Caryn Stapleton’s to-do list, especially after her recent break-up. But loneliness has her signing up, and when Mr. Swipe Right suggests they meet up at Casa Blanca Resort in Barefoot Bay, she takes one more risk and agrees. Even if the date is a bust, she’ll at least get to spend time in a luxurious resort. When she sees her Mr. Swipe Right, all her previous disaster online dates are forgotten.

Sexy construction worker turned home improvement TV show host, Tom Carrington, is in Mimosa Keys to enjoy a well-earned break before filming the new season of his show. He likes the anonymity the resort gives him, so when a beautiful woman introduces herself and says they met on an online dating site, he’s immediately on guard. As far as pick-up lines go this one is original. Instinct tells him he should brush her off, but desire has him playing along at being her date.

With each passing day, the charade becomes a reality for Tom, and he knows the truth has to come out. Will coming clean tear them apart, or will a case of mistaken identity lead to Mr. and Mrs. Swipe Right.

You can download Swipe for Mr. Right here.

Shoulder to Lean On by Morgan Malone

Orthopedic surgeon Levi Gould is known throughout Mimosa Key as Dr. Hottie Rock Star. His silver-streaked black hair, whisky-brown eyes and gym rat physique – coupled with his skill in the operating room – gave him the nickname he detests. Losing his daughters in a messy divorce fueled his penchant for picking up and mending stray dogs and damaged souls. Until he met Ella Anderson.
Ella arrives at Casa Blanca Resort and Spa to recover from injuries sustained in a violent attack. Known throughout the world as E. L. Levin, the best-selling author of the Bloody Murder series of books and the mega-hit movies they spawned, Ella is dodging the press – and her publisher – by hiding out on Mimosa Key. Swearing she is done with writing violent criminal mysteries, she is penning a happily ever after for Bloody Murder’s crime-fighting duo.

Even though their attraction is immediate, both Levi and Ella resist the burgeoning feelings for one another. The doctor with the damaged heart and the writer who believes true love only happens in books find themselves drawn closer and closer. But before they can find their own happy ending, they must confront the secrets that could destroy any chance they have for a forever together.

You can purchase Shoulder to Lean On here.

Matchless Mayhem by EmKay Connor will also be available – details to come soon.


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