How T&A Got Its Name – Gena Showalter Style


Today is a guest blog from my bestie Gena Showalter!!

3 Ladies Glowing Under The NOLA Sun

When my best friend Jill Monroe—who is known for her steaming hot HQ Blaze romances—decided to go the self-publishing route, I was over the moon excited. She had an idea so creative, so danged delicious, I wished like crazy I’d thought of it first. (Cue Gena’s childish pout.) Check it: A woman learns she is the heroine of a romance novel, and she’s totally aware of the author…an author who continues to change her mind about the heroine’s occupation, the hero’s eye color and any number of other things. An author who—strangely enough—loves torturing her characters with embarrassing situations. (cough sounds just like Jill cough)

The night Kresley Cole said I’d love a hurricane (she was right)!

Fast-forward a few months. Jill and I—me? Whatever! We’re in New Orleans with the amazing Kresley Cole, plotting our upcoming books – and oh my gosh, I hope you are ready for some of our best plots ever! Anyway, we’re tossing out title ideas for Jill’s Revelations of a Romance Novel Heroine book. I’m flipping through my mental files for naughty phrases and intimate body parts – what? Don’t act like you’re surprised LOL – and T&A hits me like a golden sledge hammer. I shout, “T and A!” and our hotel room goes quiet. A second later, we’re high fiving, fist pumping the air, and grinning like lunatics. We knew we’d nailed it—just like the hero nails the heroine in the book. Total satisfaction.

Yeah, I’m patting myself on the back and taking ALL credit for the success of T&A: Revelations of a Romance Novel Heroine. Because dang, I like that title. And okay, okay, the book itself is Jill best work EVER. It’s sizzling and sexy, breathtakingly exciting, brilliantly witty and so freaking fun. Order your copy today!

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