Calendar Week 2


It’s Week 2 of my 31 Days of Fun in honor of my latest release: T&A: Revelations Of A Romance Novel Heroine!  You can read more about that here.

I’m also having a fun contest that goes along with this calendar – you can find out ALL about entering by going to my contests page here.

Let’s get started!!!

Day 8 – Donate an old bra.  I’m probably not the only one of us who has a really cute bra in the drawer that for whatever reason I don’t wear – it’s a little too tight and I’m hanging onto it because I’m sure it will fit if I lost 5 pounds.  Or maybe it just fits funny, but it’s so cute.  Anyway, there’a a woman out there who could really use that bra that’s just taking space up in the drawer.  You know what to do!

Day 9 – Remind a Friend to check her Ts.  We know how important it is for ourselves, so help a friend out, and ask her if she’s checking everything out on a monthly basis.  Who knows – you may give her that little push she needs.  Here’s a great website for learning how to check your T!

Day 10 – Leave a book in a public place.  Here’s another way to help out a friend – leave a book (a good one!) in the waiting room.

Day 11– Compliment a stranger.  Sadly, most of us are bundled under stocking caps – here’s your chance to tell someone you think theirs is cool!

Day 12 – Treat a friend to something sweet.  Last week you treated yourself – today treat a friend.  January can be a trying month for many, and your extra bit of thoughtfulness may be just what she or he needs.

Day 13 – Do 5 squats to make your A happy.  So far, we haven’t done much for our A.  Now let’s change that!  5 squats.  It’s not a lot, but maybe it will become a habit and you and your A deserve to be treated like a queen!

Day 14 – Open the door for a stranger.  We’ve probably all experienced the relief of someone opening the door for us when we’re carrying something bulky or heavy.  That kind of courtesy makes my day, and now’s your chance to make someone else’s!

I’m so excited that T&A: Revelations Of A Romance Novel Heroine is now live!!!  

You can find all my links to order it by going here!


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