Calendar Week 1


Okay, sure I should have posted this yesterday since it was kind of, sort of the first day of the month.  But I was actually quite busy yesterday – reading! (I was also supposed to take down the tree before the new year, but I was busy reading then, too).

So TODAY I will do my Calendar Week 1 post.  Woot woot!  In honor of my January 7th release of T&A: Revelations Of A Romance Novel Heroine, this calendar will focus on T&A!!!

Jan 1 – Check Your T.  Okay, we all know this is important including for men.  If it’s not part of your monthly routine, make 2017 the year it does.  Click here to learn how to check your T.

Jan 2 – Share my calendar on Facebook and/or Twitter for a chance to win a prize.  Go here for details, and you can always stay up to date on contests by signing up for my newsletter and checking out my contest page.

Jan 3 – Think one great thing about your A.  This can be tougher than it sounds.  Many of us have a hate/hate relationship with our A.  It’s too small, it’s too big… But today, you just get think great things about your backside!

Jan 4 – Pre-Order T&A!  I love doing a pre-order because it’s right there on my tablet or phone the minute the book goes live – I don’t have to do a thing.  You can pre-order T&A from your favorite E-Book retailer by going here.

Jan 5 – Give a book to a friend. Books are honestly some of the best gifts. I also love giving recs (and getting them!). It’s cold outside – stay in and read!

Jan 6 – Treat yourself to something sweet! Okay, some of us might be a little overloaded from the holidays, but treating yourself to something sweet doesn’t always have to be food (although why not?).  Just be good to yourself today – you deserve it!

Jan 7 – My book goes LIVE!!!  You can read an excerpt here.

Okay, bonus questions – how many times did I need to use my spellchecker to write the word calendar?  If your answer is all of them – you’re correct!



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