Torment for the Win!


**WARNING – this post DOES contain spoilers for the books Twisted and Queen of Zombie Hearts.



So today is the last day of ways Gena torments people and my celebration of The Darkest Torment. Now here’s the part where I’d say I couldn’t ask for a better friend than Gena and how wonderful she is, but after reading all these posts about how she fictionally killed my dog and leaves me to be awkward in social situations, I’m kind of mad at her. Okay… kidding. Sort of.

517eMoiq8lL._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_So if you think Gena’s torment is only in her adults books, you’d be wrong. For instance, in Gena’s YA Intertwined Series – Gena named two characters after my children. (SPOILER ALERT) Then in Twisted, she sent those characters into a building and blew it up. I still don’t know if they lived or died, but in Gena’s mind, they’re probably dead.

Or in her White Rabbit Chronicle series. The things she did to those teens…

51I5cd7504L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Being Gena’s critique partner, I often read the first draft of her books. So we were at the book signing for the Queen of Zombie Hearts and a girl asks Gena if she’ll spin off a new series featuring Kat. (SPOILER ALERT) Now Kat is beloved in the White Chronicles Universe – especially because she’s battling zombies and fighting a deadly kidney disease. But as I’d already read the book, I knew that not only was Gena giving Kat a treatment to her kidney disease that she was (yes!) responding to, and thus giving Kat and the readers who loved her hope – but that also Gena would be killing her off before the book ended. I just wanted to take that girl aside, give her a little hug and say, “I know, she does it to us all!”

You can order The Darkest Torment here or read on your kindle here.

Now, please let me know which of Gena’s torments is the worst. Please only comment one time.  You can read any of the posts you may have missed:


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Day Two – Gena tries to get me to torment my own, beloved children

Day Three – Social Torment

Day Four – Gena Torments An Innocent Puppy

Cover_The Darkest Torment_Gena ShowalterRules: Only commenters on Friday’s (this) blog post are eligible and MUST be received no later than Friday, June 3 at Midnight CST. One RS winner will receive a signed copy of The Darkest Torment.  I don’t mind shipping internationally because I love you that much 🙂

If you are in the US – I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!  You guys are the best – it’s been so fun talking with you on Facebook, Twitter and here!

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53 thoughts on “Torment for the Win!

  1. Day one hands down. I was both entertained and horrified at the same time! I wish I could play this game with my siblings, I could definitely come up with some atrocious challenges! Ha!

  2. Oh my…so many to choose from.
    I would say the Torment including your children. Don’t enter me for this giveaway. I already have my copy . Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend !

  3. Social torment is the worst. Being an introvert a majority of my time is in my garden. Yes I have a truce with the squirrels and I bribe them with peanut butter to stay away from my bird feeder. New neighbor the blue heron follows me around the yard picking up worms from my digging. Said Blue Heron (whom I named Hiro) is my dog Lily’s arch nemesis. So, you can imagine the chaos that ensues. As for the bees, lizards, and butterflies I feel right at home. Humans prohibited. I also talk to them all. lol

  4. Oh Day 5 is my ultimate fav! It’s one thing to torment an adult, but to kill off an adored character for the YA crowd after giving them such hope…. That’s ice cold. 🙂

  5. I think social torment was the worst. I hate when people do that to me and no matter what I do it always seems to happen. Lol. Although, I thought day 2 was funny. I’d never do it but the thought would definitely come to mind with my nieces and nephews.

  6. Day 3!! Social Torment is the WORST! I’m a total introvert and social situations, parties or meeting new people completely stress me out. I swear whenever that happens to me I come close to a total meltdown and find anyway I can to get away from it! 😛

  7. Day one, that has got to be the most bizzare and probably unhygienic game ever thought up and then actually played!

    • Hey Jenny – you are my winner. Please email me no later than Jun 10th at Midnight at jill (no space) with your address, and I’ll get the book in the mail as soon as I can tear Gena’s hands from the keyboard. Congratulations!

  8. Oh the social torment for sure. I feel your pain but I laughed so hard also. I’m utterly lost in most social situations myself and it’s just a nightmare to think of being tormented in such a way. He hee.

  9. Day 5 is the worst! Siblings always torment each other, it’s in the bylaws of the rule book. Older to younger, youngest to oldest, doesn’t matter. When she leaves you in awkward public situation, she is playing the friend card. She is calling on her friend to help her out. The Harry Potter prank was just too funny, I wish I had thought of it. You always hurt the ones you love. Years down the road ehen Zoey has crossed over the rainbow you will think of her every time you reread “The Last Kiss Goodnight”.
    Killing off a favorite character is low, but giving the readers HOPE, the build up of anticipation, the treatment that just might work. Then to KILL THEM!!! The devistation. The heart break. The tears. Thats cruel. That is mental suffering.

  10. It was hard to choose between the Social Torment and Tormenting Your Children because I can relate to both. I will pick Tormenting Your Children because it is a brilliant idea. I play little tricks on my kids all the time because some of my favorite childhood memories are of my parent’s silly pranks. Looking back it makes me feel good that they took the time to plan out elaborate hoaxes. I can picture them sitting at our kitchen table giggling until they cried about what was about to play out. They were never mean or something that would cause distress, and they only let it go on for very short time. They actually usually ruined it because they couldn’t keep a straight face. Anyway, I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts. It is nice to learn little tidbits about someone who comes into your home through a book that makes you feel a myriad of emotions. You are fortunate to have such a special friendship..(sorry for hijacking the comment section. Lol.)

  11. Day 5 is the worst. I love my books and have favorite characters that get me every time. But to kill them off after making us love them, root for them, laugh with them and be sad with them. And ultimately killing them…….. all I can say is WHY??????? That’s torment.

  12. I have to say the social torment is the worst since I totally understand about being socially awkward. I’m glad once you figured her out you still stayed friends, lol! Thanks for sharing this week and for the chance to win a signed copy, I do so love Gena’s Lords of the Underworld and am looking forward to Baden’s book with great anticipation.

  13. Day 5 has got to be the worst of them all. I can understand tormenting a younger sibling and your BFF, even your kids as long as they’re not going to be scarred for life. But killing off a beloved book character? That is just soooo mean and heart-breaking! Can’t wait to read Baden’s story!!!

  14. I’m going to either say Social Torment or the Torment on the Puppy 😀 Cause that lil guy is so precious :D.

  15. Those posts were hilarious, woman! The ending of Day 4 had me laughing out loud I have to choose this one as my favourite!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the posts, Niovi – it was fun remembering all these good times with Gena.

  16. Definitely the day one torment. Never heard of it or played it. And don’t think I would want to. Lol. Can’t wait to read book.

  17. I’ve recently started reading Gena Showalter’s books and I agree, like any good author, she torments readers. I, for one, love it though. It may sound weird, but every time I feel like an author is torturing me, I like their work more and more.

  18. Holy hades! Hahahhaha I am laughing so hard I’m crying, sniffling and snorting and it’s an ugly laugh I swear!!!! This desires always gets me but I think our Gena is the Queen of torment!!!!! She is just everything we love and hate all rolled into one!!!!!! Man stomach hurts from laughing!!!! Thank you so so much Gena for everything you and your lords)and the women who love them) your series has become my favorite of ALL series!!!!!! Xoxo from Texas!!!!!

  19. Hmmm… The worst or the most fun?! I have to say as a mother of 3, one of which is an almost 16 yr old daughter, tormenting my children is the best! If I had a penny for every time I got an eye roll or a “Stop mom, just stop”… I’d be a rich woman. Love your books Gena… Don’t ever stop writing.

  20. You write super entertaining posts!!! I haven’t read any Gena Showalter books yet but the darkest tormeny seems really enticing and interesting and th guy on the cover is just drop worthy!!

  21. U sound alot like me scary!!! Not the the torment part but yeah, I’d be the gullible, lovable friend.
    I think the Hogwarts was brilliant but a bit “mean girl” Ya know Ms.Showalter reminds me of Anya. *Smirks* Goddess of Anarchy lol
    I lost all your books in my last move for which I hold my family accountable for over 1/2 my collection lost. I had surgery & didn’t know until 2 wks later. My books r my kids!!
    Ty for sharing such funny stories!! Good writing friends who live near by are hard to find !

  22. Social torment for sure! Any “Torment” makes one cringe, though! Can’t wait to read another Gena-book…they’re fab-u-lous! 😉

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