The (Not So) Subtle Art of Social Torment


ShyGenaHi, and welcome to Day Three of 5 Days of Gena Showalter Torment.  Today:  Social Torment

Okay, so when you make the leap to leave the security of the paying gig of a job and write full time with the promise of ZERO income, it’s scary scary scary. For instance, I made that leap in 2008 – and we all know what happened that year! Yes, Jill of the great timing 😉

Another consequence of staying home all day to work – you lose all your social skills. I’m talking full on conversations with the dog and saying dialogue out loud so often you accidentally do it in public those rare times you go out. Ask any of my friends, I have an outside of my house shelf life of about an hour and a half. I get a little twitchy after that.

But if there’s someone who hates to leave her house even more than me – it’s Gena. So when we leave, we usually go together, because if there’s anything better than a socially awkward person, it’s TWO socially awkward people.

Gena’s favorite (aka tormenting) thing to do is to invite me into a group conversation so she can then excuse herself and never return, leaving me to converse with people. And I mean NEVER return. The worst part about it – it took me almost a year to figure out she was doing it on purpose.

So, if you’ve ever begun your evening in a conversation with Gena and ended up with me, don’t take it personally, it’s her. Not you. It really is her. And I’m glad you and I are friends now.

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You can order The Darkest Torment here or read on your kindle here.

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6 thoughts on “The (Not So) Subtle Art of Social Torment

  1. Omg… I have seriously been having a bad few weeks mentally and I have been reading these posts, I have been laughing so hard every time!!! Thank you!!! Seriously you two must have so much fun together!!! Only five days ….I think you should rethink that!!!! Her characters from Lords of the underworld suffer a lot longer….why shouldn’t Gena…I mean really, as her friend you definitely shouldn’t let her get off that easy! Lol

    • You make a good point, Shannon. I have a lot of stories, including the time she came over and stole my yard ornaments off my lawn!

    • LOL – I didn’t even notice the typo. Now I’m debating on whether to leave it as is or go ahead and fix 🙂

  2. Some times is easier to write than to talk to actual people. Never know what to say and then when you do your like was that ok or is there something wrong. Times I still feel like I am in high school all over again. But I have to say I LOVE Gena’s books, I enjoy her take on some many things. Her books keep getting better

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