5 Days of Gena Showalter Torment


Next week marks the release of Cover_The Darkest Torment_Gena ShowalterGena Showalter’s aka BFF latest – The Darkest Torment. And yes – I’ll be giving away a SIGNED copy – super authentic because I’ll be driving over to her house, drag her away from the computer and making her sign it.

In the spirit of the title, I’m will be sharing a new story of Gena and… how she TORMENTS people each day until Friday. Then on Friday, you can comment and be eligible to win a book!

Gena is the oldest of three sisters, so automatically you know she’s mean 🙂 Okay, I know I shouldn’t stereotype – just know I can back the truth of that statement with stories from her sisters. Plus, I’m the youngest of three myself, so… I just know. Now to counter balance the meanness, Gena is the first one to have your back.

One of those stories from her sisters is about her favorite childhood game called Mumbly Peg. I have never heard of this game and I’m pretty sure her father invented it. So while my childhood was filled with playing dress up, reading to my dolls and twirling – Gena’s featured sitting in a circle and throwing small knives. How the knife lands dictates the number of points and then with a hammer you hit this peg into the ground. The loser gets to pull the peg out of the dirt WITH THEIR TEETH (I can only imagine the dental bills).

Now here’s the kicker – usually they hammered that stick into the ground next to something gross – like dog poop or fish guts. So picture it – you’ve lost, you’re on the ground, pulling a stick out from the dirt with your teeth and getting to breathe in the sweet scent of poo.

When I ask Gena about this – she said it only made her tougher.

In the spirit of that toughness, the characters she creates don’t get off easy. (Spoiler Alert for previous books) In The Darkest Night – Gena created a hero that must die every night – and the killers had to be his best friends, so bonus guilt and angst for them. In The Darkest Seduction when Paris (FINALLY) finds a woman he could sleep with twice – Gena killed her.

So yeah, with the word Torment in the title, Gena is finally owning it! You can order The Darkest Torment here or read on your kindle here.

You can keep up with my latest releases, other contests and more by signing up for my newsletter here.  And Day Two of 5 Days of Gena Showalter Torment is posted here.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for another tormenting tale! And Friday I’ll be giving you a chance to win a signed copy!


12 thoughts on “5 Days of Gena Showalter Torment

  1. I can’t wait! I have re-read the series several times! But…I have to wait for November for the cheaper version. I’m unemployed. BUT…I would miss a meal or 2 for a Lords book! Thanks for sharing the love. 2 of my top authors!

  2. Like the lady above, I each title more than once and I always find something a little more interesting that I may have missed the first time I read the book. I like to read the paperbacks as opposed to the hardbacks and I have a container of most of her books.

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  4. My older brothers played mumbly peg but i dont remember the pulling out by your teeth part. THEY tormented me by not letting me play with them. Rereading the Lords and Sent ones books this week in prep for my pre-ordered Darkest Torment to arrive!

    • You are the first person I’ve ever heard of who had played mumbly peg. And honestly, I think you got off lucky not playing 😉

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  6. Love the story, can’t wait for more! I’m the middle child so I’m the peace keeper, I’m firmly believe in birth order roles. I see it with my 3 kiddos every day!

    • I know, it’s strange how much birth order affects the family. I married the youngest and have two kids, so my oldest child says our house is impossible. She’s completely outnumbered 🙂

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  9. Tormenting Your Kids So It Sticks for Life was literally my favorite of the Day! I am at work, just sitting at my desk and busted out laughing, so happy the boss was out and no one was here to look at me crazily:) I love MS. Showalter’s sense of humor, Probably why she is one on my all time favorite authors. Thanks for the laugh, both of you.

    • I’m so glad you had some laughs with us! Not sure if you’re wanting to enter the contest to win her book, but you’ll need to comment on the final post

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