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Candace Havens - Joy.001This week, the wonderful Candace Havens shared her thoughts on writing.

There is so much truth and insight in her words.  It’s interesting, that so many people have told me one of their favorite books of mine is SEALed and Delivered, and I wrote it at pretty crappy time in my life.  So writing as therapy – Candace has something!!

I can’t imagine not having the creative outlet of my writing.  So many of my friends have knitting or the adult coloring book craze.  Of course there is also READING or gaming.  Do something that gives you joy!




514BHvZ4oTL._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_Candace’s books are as amazing as she is.  Check out Her Sexy Marine Valentine out this month!!!  She managed to get 3 of my favorite words in one title 🙂  Available on Amazon and Kindle and at eHarlequin.  Coming in July is Make Mine a Marine

You can visit Candace at her website here.  She has some excellent writing free workshops as well a class you can take for a small fee, and you can learn all about that here.



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