Inner Editor


Lock Up.001I’ve talked some about the inner editor in the Write Like A Champion post, and yeah, that IE is a jerk.  But a useful jerk.  Just not when you’re in the initial stage of getting the book on paper (or doc).

Your IE can challenge you to take risks and be at your most creative, but can also become like the toxic friend who you used to like hanging out with in small doses, but now the self critique has morphed into constant criticism.

In that first draft frenzy of getting ideas out of your head, lock the internal editor away.  Some of my friends won’t even correct their spelling so they can keep moving forward.  I usually will stop after the first chapter or so and examine my idea – will it sustain a full manuscript?  Am I still interested in it?  How much research will it require?  I may let my IE out just to put her toe in the water, not a full dive.  If I want to move forward, I write a loose synopsis, lock the IE away and get right back into frenzied first draft mode.

Once that the first draft is done, it’s time to face your IE like that one relative you try to avoid until it’s Thanksgiving – with cautious open arms.

It’s still not too late to start your book and have it completed by the end of the year.  Check out Begin and A Page A Day!




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