72 Hours A Year


72 Hours To WriteI love my writing space.  It’s a desk and hutch where I’m surrounded by all my books and pictures.  I’d share a photo, but it’s also covered with 3 notebooks, my taxes and tons of loose papers I can’t get rid of (have I mentioned my slight hoarding tendencies?).

Sometimes I use my desk as an excuse not to write – because I’m not at it.  I had this great professor in college, Deborah Chester, who would tell us to get rid of our crutches.  My desk was my crutch.

Once I got rid of that crutch, I could write anywhere.  Gena Showalter and I plotted Dating the Undead while I sat in my car on top of a canyon (the only place I could get cell reception while chaperoning at a youth camp).  I wrote Lord of Rage in a cafeteria and edited Naked Thrill stuck in a tornado shelter.

Lack of time is the biggest crutch most of us use for not getting words on the page, yet we can write anywhere.  We’re not tied to a desk or our electronics – grab a notebook and write while you’re waiting for your kids to get out of school or practice.  Write on the train to and from work.  Write during lunch.

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  1. I like that! It could be used as a prompt to challenge to write at other places. When my muse talks to me I have an iPod touch that I carry with me everywhere. I’ve written while working with clients. Thanks for the reminder.

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