I Just Didn’t Love It


Choose passion over perfection.001For #WriteLikeAChampion today, I’ve asked my dear friend, Gena Showalter, for a quote.  I love it!

A few years ago, a friend of mine shared a rejection letter she received.  On it, the agent said, “I just didn’t love it.”  Ouch!  “But what does it mean?”

As someone who trained as a journalist, I feel the frustration of that question.  Was it the writing?  Was it the characterization? Problems with the plot?  Those I can fix.  Not loving something… not so much.

Everything about a book can be perfect, the plot, grammar, and characterization etc. and completely passionless.   I know I’m not alone in watching a movie or beginning a new series that should hit every one of my hot buttons, but just left me with meh.  So I began a list of things I think takes us away from the creative passion of writing.  (Feel free to add!)

  • Ruthless self-editing makes your prose tight, but is it also slashing away at the passion while aiming for perfection?
  • Avoiding risks and following the writing “rules” in an effort to make your work rejection proof.
  • Listening too much to your inner editor and allowing self doubt seeps into your writing – Write Like A Champion
  • No longer writing what you love.

Gena has published over fifty books since her first came out in 2004, hitting the New York Times and USA Today lists.  Her latest book, Firstlife, hit the shelves this week.  You can buy it from Amazon, Kindle or iTunes.

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