That One Day1When people learn I’m a writer, they often ask how I became published and mention they’ve wanted to write a book themselves.

One day.

Having this conversation many, many times, I finally realized it’s not how I actually became publsihed with my books physically and electronically on the shelves they want to know.  No, they’re curious about how I began.
The answer is kind of boring.  I got a notebook and a pen and just began.

When I run into people from college, and they ask me what I’m doing I tell them I write romance novels now.  “You always said you were going to do that.”

Honestly, I don’t remember having that dream as far back (okay, not THAT far) as when I slogged through the residence halls of Missouri State or the University of Oklahoma, but apparently it was there.  It also means it took me years to do the simple thing of picking up a pen and paper and just beginning.

Sometimes I grew so caught up in the writing “rules” or that I needed the conditions in my life to be just right before I could write or became lost in the search for that one nugget of wisdom that’s going to make writing a book easy that I wasted a lot of time.  Of course that’s crap.  There’s nothing easy about writing.  There’s only beginning…

Now go Write Like A Champion!


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