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Page A Day Pen.001Imagine the scene where I’m at a party.  Actually, this is where the scene ends – few who know me are able to suspend their disbelief long enough.  Jill at a party? 

Think of it more like mandatory fun day at work.  Some people call those parties.  (I like to thank of them as potential vacations days, but…)  So yeah, I’m at a party and that I’m a writer comes up in that casual chit chat party conversation.  The usual questions and comments follow – How much do authors make?  You write romance?  I want to meet your husband (har har!).  Yeah, I don’t read those kind of books.  You get the picture.

Usually tucked in that group is someone who’s interested in writing someday. (See my post Begin if this is you.)  They’ll eventually ask how long a book is and when I say 50,000 words they back away.

50,000 words is about average for a short fiction novel.  Of course many authors will write twice that amount, but when you first begin, the goal is 50k words.  See National Novel Writing Month for great information on goals and page counts!

50,000 words seems rather daunting when for many of us, the longest thing we ever wrote was a ten page paper in high school or college.  That’s where math comes in!

A ha!!!  You weren’t expecting that plot twist.  The old math trick!  By writing only one page a day, that 50,000 words is now suddenly very doable, thanks to the magic power of division.

And you can do this!  You got this.  One.  Page.  A.  Day.


2 thoughts on “A Page A Day

  1. Thank you so much for this. And the links in this post. I’m currently writing my very first book and couldn’t be more excited!

  2. Got one in for today… going to work mostly on a synopsis, but started the story as well… more or less happy with it, even though it is a very sad page. 😉


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