What A Way To Celebrate 10 Years


Shareable for FacebookHarlequin has been making their book available in ebook format for 10 years now – and they’re celebrating by putting 10,000 on sale for $1.99!!!  Sadly, none of my books are on sale, but some of my favorites are!!!

Brenda Jackson is a favorite always!  You can buy Spontaneous here. Brenda is so prolific, I just don’t know where to start, but I’m partial to her Blaze.  So many of her Westmoreland books are on sale – it’s a great time to scoop them up!  Check out Delaney’s Desert Sheikh and A Little Dare which gets the whole series rolling.

HelenKay Dimon is also a favorite author of mine and there are a ton of hers on sale.  Fearless kicks off her Corcoran Team series,  followed by Sheltered and then Tamed  and Lawless and finally Traceless.  Cornered is the beginning of her Corcoran Team Series Bulletproof Bachelors.  There are tons more so enjoy!

My first Harlequins were always the Presents my grandma and her two sisters used to read (and I heisted!)  I still love a good Presents, and one of my go to authors, Julia James, has three on sale.  Securing the Greek’s Legacy, Painted The Other Woman and The Forbidden Touch of Sanguardo.

Sale ends on November 17, 2015.





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