Original Heartbreakers


UnknownThe third in Gena’s Original Heartbreaker series is out today!  The Harder You Fall features Lincoln West – a man who lives by a lot of rules.  Rule followers are so fun to read about (and write) because you get them to break all those rules!!!

All the Original Heartbreaker books can be read in any order, but if you’re a rule follower yourself, you can read the first book The Closer You Come from Amazon or Kindle.   Book 2 is The Hotter You Burn also available from Amazon and Kindle.  There’s also a novella, The One You Want available on Kindle.

catchamateMy all time favorite of Gena’s contemporaries (until this new series) was Catch A Mate.  Check it out on from Amazon or Kindle.  It doesn’t hurt that this book features a heroine named Jillian!  I have always just loved this cover, too!


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