Naked Thrill



How do you forget the hottest night of your life?

Hayden Taylor awoke to silken sheets and the warmth of a hot, sexy guy—wait. Where the hell is she? And why is she naked in bed with an incredibly sexy stranger? She can’t remember. The only thing Hayden knows for sure is that whoever he is, they had one very naughty night together.

Tony Garcia doesn’t remember last night, either. All he and Hayden have to go on are their burned clothes, a ton of cash and a car painted to look like a ladybug. As they piece together their wild night, they find it increasingly hard to ignore the sizzling chemistry between them. But sometimes one crazy night isn’t enough to forget that their lives are worlds apart…



Cover Art Copyright © 2004-2015 Harlequin Enterprises Limited ® and TM are trademarks of the publisher

Copyright © Jill Monroe


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