It Was In My Hair!!!


Okay, I’ve been camping with the kids for seven years now. Never, not once, in all those year has there ever been a mouse in our cabin.

Streak Broken!


The cabins are sealed tight, but it is the wilderness so a mouse in the cabin although not unexpected, is pretty rare. And certainly never in my bedroll!

Asleep, I felt something in my hair. I sat up, did the mouse-is-in-my-hair dance while trying not to freak out children. I must have done a pretty good job because no one but the other adult in the cabin, my sister-in-law, woke up. Somehow in my sleep stupor, I convinced myself I’d imagined it.

When dawn finally broke, I found mouse poop in my bedding. By my pillow. And yes, I suspect in my hair. Being a girl with naturally curly hair, my mom always said I woke up with my hair looking like a rat’s nest. It’s life’s irony to make my mom right, once again.

CabinLuckily we moved to rodent free cabin. This cabin had carpet, that I suspect was older than I am, a beautiful rust colored shag. And I loved every minute of it.

Here’s a picture of camp at a more peaceful time. It’s beautiful. You can see some of the red dirt and rock Oklahoma is known for.

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